DSE TP 09 – 圓形的性質 Geometry – Properties of Circles (MC Skills)
楊老師 任教
  1. 圓的角 Angles of a Circle
  2. 圓的弦線 Chords of a circle
  3. 弦與圓心的距離 Distance between Chords and Centre
  4. 弧、弦及角的關係 Relationships among Arcs, Chords and Angles
  5. 弧長與角度成正比 Arcs Proportional to Angles
  6. 圓內接四邊形 Cyclic Quadrilaterals
  7. 測試四點共圓 Test for concyclic points and cyclic quadrilaterals
  8. 圓的切線和半徑 Tangents and radius of the Circle
  9. 外點的切線 Tangents from an External point
  10. 交錯弓形的圓周角 Angles in the Alternate Segment