DSE TP 25 – 軌跡 Locus (MC Skills)
楊老師 任教
  1. 軌跡的概念 Concept of a Locus

  2. 軌跡的描述及繪畫 Description and Sketch of a Locus
    - 垂直平分線 Perpendicular bisector
    - 兩線段與兩半圓 Two line segments and two semicircles
    - 兩線平行及保持距離 Two lines parallel at a distance
    - 該線平行並等距 Line which is parallel and equidistant
    - 直角的角平分線 A pair of perpendicular lines, which are the angle bisectors
    - 圓心及半徑的圓 Circle with the centre and radius
    - 圓形及直徑 Circle with diameter

  3. 拋物線 parabola