DSE TP 19 – 續概率 More about Probability (MC Skills)
楊老師 任教
  1. 基本概率 Basic Probability
    - 理論概率 Theoretical Probability
    - 實驗概率 Experimental Probability

  2. 概率加法定律 Addition Law of Probability
    - 互斥事件及非互斥事件
    Mutually Exclusive Events and Non-mutually Exclusive Events
    - 互補事件 Complementary Events
    - 期望值 Expected Value

  3. 概率乘法定律 Multiplication Law of Probability
    - 獨立事件 Independent Events
    - 條件概率及相關事件 Conditional Probability and Dependent Events

  4. 利用排列和組合解概率問題
    Using Permutation and Combination to Solve Probability Problems