Equation of Straight Lines 直線的方程
楊老師 任教
Lesson 1
  • 平面上任何兩點之間的距離 Distance between any TWO POINTS on a Plane
  • 傾角和斜率 Inclination and Slopes
  • 直線斜率和方向的關係 Relationship between the slopes and the direction of a straight line
  • 平行線、共線和垂直線 Parallel, Collinear and Perpendicular Lines
  • 分點 Point of Division
Lesson 2
  • 在坐標平面上的變換 Transformation of points on coordinate plane
  • 極坐標系 Polar coordinate system
Lesson 3
  • 求直線方程 Finding Equation of Straight Line
  • 續直線方程 More about Equation of straight line
Lesson 4-Lesson 5
  • 兩直線的相交點數目 Number of Intersections of Two Straight lines
Lesson 6
  • 直線方程及其圖像 Equation of Straight lines and its graph
  • 點和線之間的距離 Distance between point and lines